Katerina Evangelou-Kissa, The Things That I Used To Do

An English Wednesday


The things that I used to do
Fake or true
Desperate actions out of need
Or joyful deeds all
In good time
Were mine.

The things that I used to do
Hated or liked
Spooky and black
Or clear and white
For others to judge
For me to decide
Whatever the kind
Were definitely mine.

Whatever the cost
No matter the taste
However they felt
Besides the waste
Were kids in my garden
Were fruit of my tree
I was to breed them
I was to eat them
Always I, who kept the key.

In this never – ending travel through time
Had I the choice
I would never undo
The things that I used to do.


©Katerina Evangelou-Kissa
φωτο©Στράτος Φουντούλης-agrimologos.com


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