Maria Andreadelli, “it’s her blue silent lakes” -poetry

An English Wednesday




I saw a valley in my dream
Early in May and it was green
No sight of sorrow on any face
And I was walking at lively pace.

The sun was smiling at blooming trees
Breezes from eastern offered their kiss
To newborn nestlings to florets as
This time of season would never pass.

Moments of joy on aching Earth
Pain prime factor before a birth
Teachers of crowds approach and teach
How the manhood spring valleys could reach.

Voice of heaven where children meet
And laugh and play enjoying the spring
Touch of magicians their laughter, their joy
Image of Light each girl, every boy.

Moments of blessing go by so quick
So did my dreaming of endless spring
Making me wonder, hoping and think
The mankind put spring on like ring.



When every person is nothing
but a faceless crowd
before me
it’s the deep ocean
in her eyes which mitigates
my loneliness.

When every sound is
nothing but a noise of confusion
it’s her blue silent lakes
which mirror the sun
absorbing the trembling of my fears
and any tear comes as a comfort
to dry ground.

And when asleep
in her angelic dreaming
I’m watching her so serene
to breath and smile
it’s then that I know
I am in her
and I am hers
but she is not
and she will never
ever be mine.

©Maria Andreadelli


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