Aeronwy Dafies, Wild Hunt -poetry


On a night both dark and stormy

The Wild Hunt comes hunting for me

Devil horses, hounds and riders

Fiery eyes and eyes like spiders

Eyes like dark pits that steal your soul

Eyes that glow red like burning coal

Gaze from which I cannot escape

I seem to sense upon my nape

I run and hide without success

Cry to heaven, my sins confess

Pray for escape but comes there none

Till there is no place left to run

Through the nigh the Hunt pursues me

For my sins none shall excuse me

Until at last I stumble, fall

And hear the huntsman’s bugle call

The hounds dashing to where I fell

Seize my soul, drag it off to Hell!


© Aeronwy Dafies
photo© Curtis Mann, 2008 -MoCp, Museum of Contemporary Photography

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